Happy St. Patrick's Day! While we have no control on what day of the week St. Patrick's Day falls, it would be great if it could always be on a Saturday so we could celebrate properly. Translation, drink more (be responsible of course) and not have to deal with going to work the next day.

This year, we missed the biggest and most popular parade of the year, traditionally held on the first Saturday of March, but if all goes well, the parade will return again next year.

Did you know that as long as I have been on this planet, I have never experienced a corned beef and cabbage meal? Did you know it's not really a traditional Irish dish?  Check out the article for the details.

And just what are my plans for today, St.Patrick's Day? Glad you asked. I plan on getting a shot in the arm. Preferably my right arm just in case it's sore tomorrow since I'm left handed. Yes, I am getting my Covid shot. It will be the Johnson and Johnson shot, so that means I only have to go through it one time.

Getting a shot in the arm doesn't bother me, but my wife has been talking with people who have had their Covid shots, and she's been looking online for possible side effects. Of course it's different with every person. Some may have no issues at all, some may have a sore arm the next day, some may fell like crap for a day.

I really don't want to know all these things. It's a shot, and if I end up with a short term side effect, so be it. It's better than having the coronavirus. I know that because I went through it for six weeks in December and January.

And last November, I experienced side effects from the flu shot, but it only lasted less than a day, so I'll be just fine. I wonder if I can have a drink or two to celebrate the holiday and the shot? Or maybe a shot of a different kind if you know what I mean. That will be the first question out of my mouth when I go in for my appointment today. Have a great St.Patrick's Day.

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