Conference calls can be pretty lame. I don't mind being on a conference call if it's short and sweet and gets right to the point. It's a great way to keep everyone in your company informed on what's going on. If you have a weekly conference call, and there's really nothing to talk about, and they still have the conference call just because we have a conference call that day every week, it's a real waste of time. I've almost fallen asleep while on conference calls. I got to the point where I used to clean my office while on conference calls just to stay awake. I would still listen, but I couldn't just sit there and hear people go on and on. Then you have video conference calls. The boss has the camera on him while he's telling you all about important company business.

That's what a boss at a power company in China did last week. This was a Strange But True story from this morning.  According to The Mirror, the mand held a video conference call an apparently forgot to turn off his video feed after when the call ended. After the meeting was adjourned, a female co-worker entered the conference room and the two of them proceeded to have sex on the conference table while the video camera continued to roll.

Two employees posted the video on social media, but it was quickly taken down by Chinese censors. According to The Mirror, the two employees have since been arrested and are facing charges. The boss meanwhile, is claiming the video was doctored and it is not him seen having sex with a woman in the conference room. There is a cencered picture on the Mirror's website.

At least that's one way to make video conference calls exciting.

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