As I sit in a chair looking out the back window of my home, I see basking in the sunlight, a shiny new snowblower. After decades of using a snow shovel, I decided this year to hang it up and buy a snowblower. And since I made that hasty purchase after the last major snowfall in January, local snowfall has been slim to none, and certainly nothing that would warrant the use of a snowblower.

So again, you can thank me for the lack of snow because of that purchase. Isn't that how it's supposed to work? And speaking of snow, what are the odds we will continue to experience very little snowfall between now and springtime?

I took a look at an extended forecast from Accuweather and while anything beyond 10 days is certainly no guarantee (even 10 days out is a crapshoot), I see around March 8th, we could get some snowfall. Otherwise, I didn't see much else, although I did notice the daily highs beginning in March averaging in the mid to upper 30s and even into the 40s. That's good news as we inch closer to spring.

And how are we doing as far as the New York State Golden Snowball competition is going? Last year, Binghamton took the crown for the most amount of snowfall among the five New York State cities in the competition, including Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, and Albany.

As of February 15th,2022,  Binghamton is in 4th place, with a total snowfall of 39.1 inches. Last year at this time, we had accumulated 84 inches and ended the season in 1st place with a total of about 105 inches of snow.


This year, Buffalo is currently on top with a total of 75.6 inches of snow, followed by Rochester at 63.4, Syracuse with 48.7, and in last place, Albany with a measly 17.2 inches of snow. Normally by his time of year, Albany has accumulated 39 inches.

If I remember correctly, only one other city in the Northeaster portion of the United States beat out Binghamton for the most snowfall in the 2020-2021 season, and that city was Caribou, Maine coming in at 107.9 inches according to Accuweather.

Am I rooting for Binghamton to take the Golden Snowball crown again this year? Are you crazy? I'll gladly store my new snowblower away for the season because the winter of 2022-2023 won't be too far off...unfortunately.

via Accuweather, Golden Snowball

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