I remember listening to the radio in 1987 and hearing 'Welcome to the Jungle' for the first time. I was like whoa, who is this?

Turns out it was Guns and Roses. That was actually the second single off the record with the first one being 'It's So Easy' but 'Welcome to the Jungle' helped make that band a household name. That song went on to be a rock anthem at arenas and sporting events all across the world. I remember seeing the video on M.T.V. and laughing at Slash thinking he looked like "Cousin Itt." from the Adam's Family.

The next release off the album was 'Sweet Child O' Mine'. The song showed the softer side of the band, I guess. That song reminded me of being a child. When Axel sang about where he would hide as a child and wait for the rain to pass him by. Our old house had a playroom and every time it rained ,we would all go inside and play in that room just to stay out of the rain .so I can relate to what he was saying in that song.

Paradise city was the fourth release off that album another awesome song that was a huge hit at Rock Radio. Other songs off the album include; 'Night Train', 'Mr. Brownstone' (still my favorite off the album) 'Rocket Queen' and 'Anything Goes'. The album has gone on to sell over 30 million copies throughout the world.

So happy 30th anniversary to one of Rock's biggest debut albums ever.
Loudwire.com has put together a 30th anniversary celebration of 'Appetite For Destruction.' Check out the promo below, including my memories of this amazing album.

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