Earlier this week we announced that Steely Dan and the Doobie Brothers are going to be playing down at Bethel Woods for the Performing Arts Center on Saturday, July 14th. I am giving tickets away before he can buy them all this week around 7:20.

That is one of many shows I would like to go see this year. Other bands that will be touring this year that I would like to see include; Robert Plant, the Foo Fighters, (I've only seen them once when they played at Binghamton University) and Paul McCartney again if he adds more shows here in the US. I saw Paul in September when he played at the Carrier Dome in Syracuse. I would love to see him again. Billy Joel will continue his run at Madison Square Garden over the next few months. I've never seen him but always wanted to. The Eagles are another band that is doing selective dates this year. I wouldn't mind seeing the Eagles, but they are not a priority for me. Other bands that I hope will tour this year and come to our area would include U2 and Ozzy Osbourne.

What bands are you looking forward to seeing live this year?

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