This morning, for the second time this year, I had a Strange But True story about a person breaking into an adult bookstore to steal a life-size sex doll. This time it happened in Australia. According to the Victoria Police, the guy had a ski mask covering his face and use bolt cutters to get into the store. He only stole one thing, which was the life-size sex doll that's worth $3,400. Cops are still trying to track him down. That will probably be hard to do being that this man will probably be spending every waking hour in his bedroom with his new lover.

How hard up do you have to be to have sex with one of these? Maybe I shouldn't have said 'hard up'. Anyway, maybe there are some benefits to it. Not having to date anyone or care about whether you are satisfying them or not could be plus. And they will never tell you they have a headache. And you don't have to worry about foreplay either.

I know we have some adult bookstores in the Binghamton area. I wonder if any of them carry life-size sex dolls? If so, they might want to chain them up so no one steals them. Actually, that might help sales as well, there are a lot of people that are into bondage.

See a picture of the thief and his new stolen toy on the Victoria Police website.

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