I am the oldest of five siblings, and was the first to leave the nest. When returning home for a visit, I always brought the coolest new gadgets to show my brothers and sisters. Probably more of an "I'm cool" moment than anything else.

It started with a mobile phone, back when they were a new thing and were monstrous in size. Then it was the computer to show off. If I came home to spend a couple of days, I actually hauled the tower and clunky monitor along with a larger than life keyboard, mouse, wires and power strip. That was stupid.

For a couple of decades, if it was electronic and new, I had it and showed it off. Well, those days are long gone. My siblings and their children now run rings around me with all their new gadgets and knowledge about computers and everything else that's wired and wireless. I've grown to accept that I'm slowing down (and getting old.)

But I'm not completely out of the new gadget craze. Recently, I bought in indoor and outdoor security cameras. Both my brothers have one (or two or more) and showed me how well they work. The live video is really clear, and I like the fact that they feature audio, both listening and talking to someone is at your door.

So, I installed one of these cameras at the front door and one in the living room They use your existing Wi-Fi to operate, so that's cool. Rather than wiring it to my door bell, I set up up separately, using a rechargeable battery. There are a lot of setting and features to choose from, but I got them working just fine.

Well, since I've set it up, I'm now getting video of just about everything and everybody that comes to my door, walks on the sidewalk and travels up and down my street. And it alerts me everytime it happens. Yes, I know I can turn off the alerts, but then how would I know if someone is at my door or it's something I need to see?

What have I seen so far? For starters, the endless parade of school buses, NYSEG, UPS and FedEx trucks, garbage trucks, dump trucks, taxis, ambulances, cars, cars and more cars. Just about everything on two or four or more wheels that drive by.

Funny thing is, I rarely see anyone walking by. I never see the mail person, even though the mailbox is in full sight, and I'm getting mail.

What's the weirdest thing I've seen? It was the very first video the camera took. It was of two people walking down the middle of the street. One of those people were wearing a panda head. Yes, a panda head. I kid you not. It was way past Halloween. I got a good laugh out of that, and so did everyone ai showed it to.

I may have made my home a bit safer, but the trade off is, I will now get a complete rundown of the strange and weird things that go my my house every day. Oh goody.

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