Monday morning at 6, we will start our A to Z Marathon here at 99 1 The Whale. That’s when we play everything in our Classic Rock Library in alphabetical order starting with songs with numbers at the beginning of their title, until we reach the last song that starts with the letter Z.


This is my first time being on the air here for the A to Z and I’m feeling some pressure. It’s been a long time since I alphabetized anything so I will be singing the alphabet song in my head over the next two plus weeks.


Remember learning the alphabet as a kid? Being in kindergarten and looking at the capitol letters alongside the lower case letters and having to recite them in order every morning. Now kids have all that down before they step foot in kindergarten. Then once you learned the printed alphabet, then you had to learn the cursive version of the letters. I don’t think they even teach cursive in schools anymore, do they?


Anyway, starting Monday you can enjoy our A to Z and listen to see if I screw up. I hope I make my kindergarten teacher, my Aunt Ann Marie proud.

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