Are you like me, having a bit of an obsession with YouTube videos?

I scan the service a couple of times everyday looking for cool stuff that's been posted, and recently I wondered what videos on YouTube come from the Binghamton area.

And to my surprise, these were many. Granted a lot originated from Binghamton University, but I found others not tied to college students.

I picked 11 Binghamton area YouTube videos that I really liked. Enjoy...or not.

Binghamton University Silent Library

Who doesn't like a bagpipe a bar?

The Kool Aid Man crashes a BU class

Binghamton...home of the Spiedie

Binghamton - What it looked like and what it now looks like

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Nothing like a gool 'ol fight at the hockey game

The Thruway comes to Binghamton

I love an aerial tour!

Nice take on a Classic Rock song

Binghamton in the 1930s

Can't forget to include the awesomeness of LUMA


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