Things I am thankful for, day three.

I am thankful for good friends who, no matter how long we don't talk or see each other, can pick up right where we left off.
I am meeting my high school and life long friends, tonight at the Brass Lantern Tavern in Chenango Bridge.

(back in the day that was known ad the 'Library' and we ALL WENT THERE!

I am usually the one who doesn't show because I basically, well, don't have a life. So I am sure a 'Wally" pool has been started on the excuse I will give for not making it. Put me down for $20 on, 6:30pm. And order me some hot wings.
We're getting the band back together tonight. Gregg and Mitch, Thom and myself. Dave, sorry you can't make it tonight, but we'll tell a stupid dirty joke in your honor!

Does anybody have a stupid dirty joke I can borrow?