Do you have any Thanksgiving traditions, maybe some unusual traditions?

As for me, it's pretty much the same thing each year.
Visit the in-laws, stay out the the way while they prepare the dinner, listen to The Whale (especially for 'Alice's Restaurant' at 7:15am, 12:15pm and 6:15pm - gratuitous plug there), eat like it's my last day on the planet, watch a movie, bid adieu to the in-laws, go home and crash for the evening.

Exciting, I know!

According to, there are some interesting Thanksgiving traditions, like a paintball tournament, writing out thank you notes to all your Thanksgiving guests, a campfire, leftover party and a spoon balancing contest.

Then there's the family tag football game, maybe dragging out the Christmas decorations and putting them up, or just getting comfy on your favorite sofa and doing nothing but watching football.

Whatever tradition you engage in, or not, be sure to have a Happy Thanksgiving, and if you go out, drive safely - remember do not drink and drive!