Snack food.
It's a weakness for all of us, whether we eat healthy or not.

There are so many to choose from at your local store, so do you really spend any time thinking about that favorite snack?
Probably not.

The reason I bring this up, as you know, Hostess Brands, the makers of Twinkies, Drakes, Wonder Bread, Dolly Madison, Nature's Pride and other delights, has filed for bankruptcy, looking to close it's business, layoff thousands of employees and sell off it's assets.

Since that became news, I am truly amazed how much this had touched or upset peoples lives.

It's of course in the news, but I can't escape the comments on social media and everyday conversation.
It seems every few posts there's some sort of comment about Twinkies.
From sadness to madness to pictures of a Twinkie being carried out of a church in a funeral procession.

There are people hording up these products, especially Twinkies, either to enjoy until the last crumb has been devoured, or to make a profit off their demise.

I've seen them for sale online, and the sale prices shock me.

I don't remember what the average price for a box of Twinkies cost, but I have seen online bids of a box of 10 cakes from 20 to 30 dollars.
I saw one bid for 50 cakes at 61 dollars and the bidding wasn't done.
That comes to just over a dollar per Twinkie.
Is that crazy?
Would you pay that price?

If all these products up for bid got their price, and all those sellers pooled their cash, I bet they could buy up the company!

I imagine these Twinkies need to be sold off quick, given the expiration date, otherwise, whoever bought up a ton of these cakes, better be very hungry.

If so many people are upset about the demise of the product (which as I understand it, could most likely be bought up and head back into production), maybe the lesson is, if we want to see our favorite products survive, we need to purchase them once in a while, because they could be gone tomorrow.

Long live the Twinkie.