If polls are to be believed, I am one of many, many people who has had a crappy Thanksgiving experience.

Whether it's getting backhanded compliments, a barrage of questions about life (so, you still have that job?), the dreaded eye-roll every time you speak or even being placed at the kids table, we have survived. So far.

This year, add political talk to the mix. Oh yes! Just because the election is over doesn't mean all is quiet. This means we need extra tricks in our arsenal to get through the Holiday.

Here are my tips to survive the family gathering:

1. If you are traveling, you may want to shell out extra money for a hotel. Sharing the bathroom with the folks was fine growing up, but as an adult? Um, no!

2. Know who will be at the dinner. This way you can strategize your attack and know what possible attacks are coming. Family is predictable that way.

3. Bring a patsy....I mean friend who has nothing going on for the Holiday. He or she will be a distraction. It's kind of like throwing a steak to a dog when you are trying to rob a house it guards.

4. Psychologists say to be yourself. BAD advice. You know what happens when you are yourself. Fake it.

5. Plan an event that everyone can participate in. It keeps them too busy to talk.

6. If you are in a difficult position, try and pick your battles. You can use humor to escape the situation. This works most of the time. My family was great at the humor part. My dad just told priest jokes.

7. When it comes to politics, simply blurt out that you are against discussing the subject since it is pointless. Then walk away.

8. And finally: when all else fails call on alcohol! Whether you spike all the drinks or just down it yourself, things will go much smoother.