I remember when Sonic first opened on Upper Front Street in Binghamton years ago. The line to get in the parking lot, was out into the street and down around the corner and it was causing traffic issues on Route 11. I'm sure the last car in that line still did not wait as long as these two restaurant openings from this weekend.

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Over the weekend I saw where the first In-N-Out Burger open in Colorado. There was such a crowd waiting to try food from the fast food joint, that the drive-thru had a 2 mile long line which took 14 hours from the back of the line to actually getting your food according to NBC 4.

Then today I saw where KBTX reported that customers in College Station Texas waited in line for three hours to get food and coffee from Dunkin when it opened its doors this morning. Some people were in line overnight to be one of the first ones in the area to experience Dunkin.

I honestly cannot think of anything I want so bad that I would stand in line 3 hours, for let alone 14 hours. If somebody was handing out million-dollar checks to the first thousand people in line, and I knew I would be of of the first 1,000 people, then maybe I would camp out in the street for a couple of days to get that.

Every time a new restaurant opens in the Binghamton area, especially a chain, the lines are always out the door for the first few weeks. Another example of this is when Blaze Pizza opened on the Vestal Parkway. You couldn't even pull into their parking lot for the first few days, and the line was pretty much out the door for the first few weeks. I waited until the lines calmed down before I finally got a taste of Blaze Pizza.

With all the buzz behind Chick-fil-A, I think if we ever get one of those in this area, there will be people lined up in their cars for miles waiting to get food from there especially on opening day. I've had Chick-fil-A couple of times down south, it is really good, but I can think of better ways to spend 14 hours than sitting in a car waiting for fast food.

[via: NBC 4/KBTX]

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