This past winter was brutal. Not a fact you don't already know. Fortunately, we are past all that, and won't have to deal with snow, ice and cold temperatures for the next 5 months or so if we're lucky.

Keeping up with the heavy snowfall this year was no fun for a good majority of us, and with the fact that we amassed over 100 inches of snowfall in one season which is about 25 inches over a normal winter total, it wore me out.

As of May 20th, Golden Snowball lists Binghamton at 105 inches for the 2020-2021 winter season. Of the five New York State cities measured, we sit high atop at number 1. Buffalo is currently in second place with just over 77 inches of snow this season.

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There was a couple of times I needed help from my neighbor clearing the snow off my sidewalk and driveway with his super powered snowblower, including the time we experienced over 40 inches of snow.

Well, what would you think if your municipality took over at least clearing your sidewalk during a significant snowfall? It's an option that's being considered currently in Syracuse according to Spectrum News 1. The report notes that for the first year, Syracuse residents would get their sidewalks cleared for free, but after that, the cost would be 20 dollars, increasing in 20 dollar increments each year, maxing out at 100 dollars.

Would you pay for a service like Syracuse is considering? Should our local municipalities consider implementing such a service? I would not be opposed to it. My question is, how quickly would it get done? There's a lot of sidewalks to clear off, and that would double the amount of responsibility for municipalities who already clear our streets.

In theory, it would be a good thing. Especially taking the responsibility off seniors and those who have health issues. And having all sidewalks cleared in a quick manor is good for pedestrians, mailpersons and anyone else who travel our municipal sidewalks on a daily basis.What do you think?

via Golden Snowball, Spectrum New 1

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