If both Governor Tom Wolf and Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman have their way, Pennsylvania will be the next state to fully legalized the recreational use of marijuana. But, they are already facing resistance from other politicians.

If Pennsylvania does legalize marijuana, they will join ten other states where smoking weed is legal. Those states include California, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Colorado, Washington, Alaska, Oregon, Vermont, and Michigan. Recreational use of marijuana is also legal in Washington DC. Medicinal marijuana use has been legal in Pennsylvania for quite a few years now.

According to PennLive, Governor Tom Wolf, who originally was indecisive about legalizing marijuana, has now decided the time is right. According to the report, Lieutenant Governor Fetterman, who has been a proponent of marijuana being legalized, was quoted as saying;

If you are opposed to the recreational adult use of cannabis that is a minority view now in Pennsylvania.

The report also stated that Fetterman is directing the Board of Pardons to start the process for Pennsylvanians that have been convicted of small amounts and non-violent marijuana convictions, to be pardoned.

To find out how the people of his state felt about the situation, Fetterman went on a statewide tour and made one stop in all 67 of the counties that make up Pennsylvania. Additionally, the governor's website received 44,000 comments on the subject.

Don't expect to fire up a bong anytime soon though, both the House and the Senate in Pennsylvania are already pushing back.

[via; PennLive]

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