is reporting that a woman was asked to leave a Golden Corral restaurant in Erie, PA because the outfit she was wearing was "too provocative."

The women, Sueretta Emke, posted a picture of herself in the outfit in question on her Facebook page.

Emke said that earlier in the day, she had been wearing the same outfit at Chuck E. Cheese and at a local zoo.  Then, after driving an hour to Golden Corral, she said the manager of the restaurant came up to her and told her she "was dressed 'too provocatively' and another customer had complained so (she) needed to put something else on or leave."

After complaining to Golden Corral's corporate office, Emke was put in touch with the District Training Manager who "apologized MANY times and agreed that it shouldn't have happened."  Emke also said she was also promised gift cards, which she called a "nice touch."

Golden Corral did not respond to's request for a statement regarding the incident.

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