On Wednesday, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf and Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman once again called on state politicians to work on legislature to legalize adult-use cannabis.

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Wolf touted that legalizing marijuana would strengthen Pennsylvania's economy, and that the revenue can help small businesses that have been struggling financially due to Covid-19. The Coronavirus has had a devastating effect on every States economy. Just the loss of sales tax revenue since the pandemic started has been crippling to state budgets.

According to the Pennsylvania website, some states that have legalized marijuana for recreational use have received hundreds of millions of dollars in additional tax revenue.

Lieutenant Governor Fetterman added that the state could save a lot of time and resources by not prosecuting Pennsylvanians who have been arrested for having a small amount of marijuana and their possession. He stated that 22,000 people were arrested for small amounts of marijuana in 2019.

Medical marijuana is legal in both Pennsylvania and New York, but as of now, recreational use of marijuana is illegal in both states.

Here is the current list of states that allow recreational use of marijuana:
Washington DC.

In each of those states you must be at least 21 years of age to purchase and use marijuana recreationally.

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