Everybody has gas from time to time. Some people more than others. Sometimes you can pass gas and it doesn't smell then other times, you'd swear there was a rotting deer carcass inside of you. Some people hold it in if other people are around and some people just let it fly and don't care what people think because it's a "natural thing".

I've been on airplanes where someone has let one go and it smells up the plane for a little while and then goes away. I want to know what this guy ate before he boarded his flight. They didn't say if the mad farter was male or female, but I'm willing to bet the house it was a guy.

Sunday afternoon, an American Airlines flight was grounded at Raleigh-Durham International Airport in North Carolina supposedly because one of the passenger's gas was so bad that other people on the flight were getting nausea and headaches. This is the original report according to the Charlotte Observer. They quoted other news organizations in the story.

They didn't release anymore info on where the flight originated from or where is was going.

I'm surprised the oxygen masks didn't drop from the ceiling. Well, maybe they did. I'm sure the other passengers on the plane were praying for them to come down.

Now officials from American Airlines is saying that the story is not true. I guess we will never know unless someone on the plane breaks their silence, not the wind.


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