There's a post on Reddit that asked the question, if there was a scratch-and-sniff map of the United States what would your state smell like? Some of the answers are hilarious.

We'll get to that in a minute. I think the upstate part of New York should smell like a spiedie when you scratch it. I'm sure people from other parts of Upstate New York would disagree, but it's my blog so I'm going with spiedies.

Pennsylvania is a little harder. Pennsylvania is known for its potato chips, Philly cheesesteaks, Heinz ketchup in Pittsburgh, and of course chocolate in Hershey. So if I had to pick one smell for the entire state, I would vote for the chocolate.

I have some suggestions for some of the other states as well. Illinois, with all the violence in Chicago, maybe their's should smell like gunpowder. I know, not funny, but it's true. I know most people in Florida would vote for oranges. But with all the strange but true stories that come out of Florida, I think it should smell like wacky Taffy.

Idaho should smell like french fries or baked potatoes, and Wisconsin should smell like sharp cheddar or blue cheese.

Some of the comments on the actual Reddit post are pretty funny. Somebody listed salt, sunscreen, Icy Hot, and meth, and someone responded Florida?

Someone mentioned Indiana and the responses were corn mostly, but there are three or four spots that smell like exhaust fumes. Someone commented on that saying Indiana mostly smells like hogs. Yet another one said Indiana smells like Harrison Ford in a leather jacket.

For Colorado, it was wilderness and marijuana, and someone commented that they needed to find a way to bottle that sent because it's intoxicating.

And maybe the best of them all was somebody posted saying “I'm from New Jersey, and I don't want to play this game”.

See the entire list from Reddit here.

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[via Reddit]

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