I've been planning on writing this article for some time now, but I just keep putting it off. Is that a problem?

Today's big mystery, at least in my mind is, why so we procrastinate so much? I'm not saying everyone does, well probably everyone has at some point in their life, but some of us tend to indulge more than the majority.

For example, I had planned on doing some shopping over the weekend at a few area stores. One, in particular, I had been meaning to visit earlier, like every day in the past two weeks.

The last time I did that, the item I wanted to purchase had already been purchased...4 hours earlier that day. For three weeks, I had planned to get to the store and make the purchase on an item that if purchased by someone else, would not be available again. Well, that happened.

As I drove closer to the first stop this past weekend, the meek side of my mind began to whisper "You've got several stops to make...visit this store some other time." Or something like that. This happens far too often. Maybe because my mind is thinking, "It's Sunday, you've got a comfy recliner at home and football to watch. Wouldn't that be better than walking around a bunch of stores?"

Well, this time I ignored the procrastination part of my brain, stopped in (it was a store that sells DJ equipment) and I'm glad I did. Got some great advice for what will be a huge (for me anyway) purchase. Take that procrastination.

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