Another day, another title. Today is 'Stay Home Because You're Well' day. As I have said before, I'm not sure who, how or why these types of days exist or even become a thing. From time to time, I check the National Day Calendar to find out if the day has any special designation out of curiosity.

Aside from that, I do like the concept. We all could use a day off during the week from time to time 'just because.' It could do wonders to re-charge the batteries, take a break after a couple of stressful days, or just because you want a day in the middle of the week to be lazy or work on a personal project.

The problem at many workplaces, calling in sick when you are not could get you into some serious trouble. There have been times in my career as a manager, wondering if the person who called in sick, really was. For a long time we had sick days, and it was for just that - take the day off if you are sick.

Our company gives us PTO, which stands for Personal Time Off. That basically means you have a certain number of days that you can use for vacations, sick days, whatever. I like how that works. I don't have to wonder if an employee is faking being sick. It's their time and they can use it however they please. But, once it's used up, that's it. If you're off today, because of what it is, Happy 'Stay Home Because You're Well' Day!

via National Day Calendar

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