I am not a member of any registered party. Not Democrat, Republican, Conservative, Left, Right, or Liberal. I belong to the 'American' Party.

Like many of you, I am growing tired of the way things are going in this country. I want someone in the White House that will lead this country, and inspire us. I want someone who can bring all the parties and organizations together for the greater good.

We need good jobs, and more stability for our youth. These kids are going to college and getting degrees in fields that have nothing to offer them, they end up with huge student loans to pay off , and a series of part time jobs that affords them squat for what they've worked for.

Another big concern is the drug problem we have in this country, millions are strung out on opiates like heroin, and basically anything they can find and take.

This goes hand and hand with crime and public assistance programs that I don't have to spell out for anyone but I will anyway, W-E-L-F-A-R-E. This is also way out of control.

I have mixed feelings about the immigration problem, but the facts are over half are living off the government, and we can't afford to let that continue.

There are a lot of things that we need to fix, but those are just a few that need attention STAT.

I love the USA, and I do believe it is the greatest country in the world. However, I feel somehow we have lost focus on what has defined us.

We have become a nation of self servers, always looking for the fastest and easiest way to get what we want, and most of that is just human nature, and the advanced technology that we have access to.

Whoever succeeds President Obama, needs to focus on big changes, he or she will need to motivate and inspire others to believe we can fix the problems I have addressed and beyond.

My message to all parties is simple 'Quit Bickering and Fix America'.


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