As of this writing the results for the presidential election is still up in the air. I think we all knew it might take some time given the fact that so many more Americans registered to vote and many more who are already registered, decided this was a very important election to vote in, rather than choosing to ride it out and not vote.

You know full well that the right to vote is such a great privilege as a citizen of the United States of America. It's your voice. It's your chance to help decide who our leaders are.

On Tuesday, as I spent time with our Food-A-Bago food drive for Broome County CHOW, it made me very proud to see so many people who had stopped by with non-perishable food or monetary donations, displaying an 'I Voted' sticker.

And as we have seen a division of the country in terms of voting preferences, there was none of that from those who stopped by to donate to Broome County CHOW. No one discussed politics. We discussed the need to help families in Broome County, especially since the pandemic has put so many people in situations they never imagined would happen with things like layoffs, furloughs, illness or other situations brought on by Covid-19.

In the long run, we are all on the same team, and we all want the best for our country and citizens. And if whoever you voted for in the presidential, state and local elections didn't win, you will have a voice and the chance to make a difference on the next election day for those particular races.

Lets show the world we can work together, no matter what our political differences may be.

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