Former Congresswoman Claudia Tenney is claiming she won her job back representing the 22nd district in New York while the Democrat who unseated her two years ago is not conceding.

Almost all of the paper ballots have been counted with Chenango County starting its count November 19 and Tenney has watched her election night lead continue to dwindle.

Anthony Brindisi campaign photo

Still, with only a few hundred votes over Anthony Brindisi, the Republican issued a statement November 19 declaring victory.

Tenney says now that all the legal votes have been counted, quote: “I am confident I will be certified the winner soon.”

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Photo: Bob Joseph/WNBF News

Tenney was ahead in the 8-county congressional district by over 28,000 votes when the polls closed on Election night. That was before the individual counties began to go through the mail-in ballots starting on different dates.  Chenango County was one of the last to get started.

Once those final ballots were tabulated, the Republican, who ran heavily on her support of President Donald Trump, was ahead of Brindisi by roughly 300 votes. WBNG TV reports November 20 that lead is only 131 votes.

There are still some contested ballots that need judicial review in Oswego County before a final result can be certified.

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