Halloween Candy's has been on the shelves now for a couple of months. I think I first spotted some during the first week of August.

When I was a kid and I would go trick or treating, my favorite candy to receive was a candy bar. Snickers were probably my favorite as a kid. I also liked Milky Way's and Three Musketeers, as well as all the varieties of Hershey's Minis. And even though they are not considered candy bars, I always liked getting Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and M&M's too.

According to Candystore.com, it is estimated that 2.6 billion dollars will be spent on Halloween candy across the United States. And according to Candystore.com, New York's favorite candy to hand out is Sour Patch Kids. We didn't have Sour Patch Kids when I was a kid and that's okay with me. I think they are ok, but they're not my favorite candy by a long shot. Speaking of Sour Patch Kids, there is a new Sour Patch Candy Corn coming this Halloween according to a report I found on Best Products. Best Products quoted the Sour Patch Kids Company as saying they will "be sour dusted candy corn'. That might actually be okay because I hate regular candy corn. You can see what the Sour Patch Candy  Corn looks like here. By the way, regular candy corn is still one of the most popular Halloween candies.

You can check all the stats and see America's favorite Halloween candy state-by-state by clicking here.


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