This story comes to us from Fox 23 News in Hapeville, Georgia, but it is something to be aware of in the Binghamton area as well.

Police conducted a drug raid in Hapeville which recovered two guns, cash, and drugs. According to Fox 23 News, the cops were quoted as saying in a Facebook post "the pills and lollipops are designed to look like candy" and "parents, teachers, and coaches, make sure your young people are aware of these dangers".

Especially with Halloween just around the corner, parents should make sure they go through the kids' candy before they are allowed to eat it. I always thought if something wasn't in a rapper you should just throw it away. And even if the candy is in a wrapper, make sure you inspect the rapper to make sure the candy has not been sabotaged.

It is not known if they were targeting children, or if they were designed to look like candy as to hide the fact that they were actually drugs.

It's sad that we live in a world where people would intentionally harm children by tampering with their Halloween candy but it's been like that since I was a kid. And sadly, I really don't think it will ever get better.

Click here to see the pictures of the drugs designed to look like candy.


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