After a long hard night out in the cold begging for candy, a lot of kids come home and end up getting robbed by their parents.

Good parents will go through their kids candy to make sure there are no unwrapped items, or candies that were tampered with, and that's a good thing. But according to a new survey, 74 percent of the parents help themselves to some of their kids earnings.

According to a study on Yougov, only six percent of parents in the survey said they do not take any of the candy. The majority said they take a few pieces of candy while 8% said they take about half of it. The survey also found that ten percent of the candy stealing parents never tell their kids they took it. Click here to see all the results.

I remember as a kid, my father would go through our candy before we were allowed to eat it. And I was fine with letting him take a few pieces. In fact, I would give him all the candy I didn't like. Of course, there were many candies that I did not like.

Kids, no matter how much your trust your parents, don't let your candy out of your sight.

And parents, I hope your conscience lets you fall asleep, after having to wipe the remains of that stolen Reese's Cup off your lips, while tucking your child into bed and giving them a kiss on the forehead.

If you are one of those parents  who took candy from your kids after they worked so hard to earn it, don't feel too bad, your parents probably did the same thing to you.

Happy Halloween.

[via: Yougov]

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