When I was a kid we actually used to go trick or treating on the 30th and the 31st. Maybe it was just a Carbondale Pennsylvania thing, I don't know, but we actually used to go two days in a row and just hit up different parts of our town.

Last night, my wife and I were talking about some of the stuff we used to get trick-or-treating when we were kids. You always had that house that would give out apples. Did you actually ever eat them? No me neither! You also had that house with the old lady who had the big bowl of pennies that would tell you to take a few. How many is a few? You would grab some throw them in your bag and pretend to be happy. You also have those people that used to make you sing or tell them a joke or something to get a piece of candy. And then you had those families that actually gave out bags full of candy or full-size candy bars. They were the best. What about popcorn balls? Remember getting those when you went trick-or-treating? Do they even still make those?

I tripped over a list of the strangest things people ever got trick or treating according to Delish. It included; condoms, dog food, a mixtape and other wacky things check that list out on Delish website.


[via Delish]

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