Maybe the odds of winning the lottery or winning a substantial amount of money on scratch off tickets is low, but it's still fun to play the game. And as they say, someone is going to win, so why not you?

WBNG-TV reported earlier this week that someone won $46,048 on a New York State Lottery Drawing. The ticket was purchased at Wegmans in Johnson City. I sometimes buy tickets there, but alas, I wasn't the winner this time.

What would you do with 46,000 dollars if you won? Sure, it's not a million, but I imagine you could put a dent or pay off all your debts. It's enough for a down payment on a house, buy a vehicle, go on a world tour. The possibilities are great with that amount of money. I'd probably consider looking at a newer camper, even though I don't need one.

My mom recently turned 85, and she loves to spend time with scratch off tickets, so my wife had the crazy idea of buying 85 dollars worth of tickets. At first I thought that was a bit much, but hey, she is turning 85 and this sounds like a cool thing to do, even if she doesn't win anything.

Well, when she opened the birthday card with all those scratch off tickets, we got the evil eye look, but I don't think she was too upset about it. After scratching off three, she has already won 20 dollars. I haven't heard back from mom in a few days, so I don't know if she won any more money. But either way, I'm sure she had fun checking each ticket in anticipation of winning.


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