What would I do if I won a grand in our 2 K a day contest? I think I would buy a new set of golf clubs. I really just need new irons. Golf season is coming up and with a new set of irons I will either play better or have an excuse for playing like crap. "Hey, It's going to take me a while to get used to these new clubs". I can hear myself saying that already.

What would you do? Would you pay off bills? Treat yourself to something that you've wanted for a while? Go on vacation? Or maybe just throw a huge party?

We are going to give you two chances each weekday to score a thousand dollars. I'll give you the first keyword at 8:10 and then Don Morgan will have another keyword for you at 4:10. When you hear the keyword, log on to our website 99.1thewhale.com and enter the keyword to win. It's that simple.

Someone wins with each keyword. Your chance is just as good as anyone else so give it a shot.

If you win and you do throw a huge party, don't forget to invite me.

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