If I won 10,000 dollars, what would I do with that money? Well, I just had to replace my refrigerator, so some of it would go for paying it off. I just bought a used car to replace the one I had that was becoming a money pit. And for things that I want just because, I would also buy a pellet grill and an air fryer. Oh wait, I already did. But if I won money, that would have easily paid for both.

I love the response from an actor's line in the movie 'Love Actually' where she was asked by her boss about a Christmas gift idea - "I don’t want something I need, I want something I want."  Unfortunately for me, I can't play and win money with the 10K Stimulus Check contest on 99.1 The Whale to buy what I want, but you can.

Have you been playing? It's happening every weekday at the top of each hour from 8am to 5pm. We give you a code word each hour, and all you have to do, is simply open up the 99.1 The Whale mobile app, click on 'Win Cash' and enter each cash word into the open box for that hour and day.

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Now, don't worry if you miss any code words. It's just that the more code words you get and enter, means more chances to win. Of course we want you to get as many chances each day to win. Someone is gonna win cash every weekday, so you are deserving of getting your share, right? But that isn't going to happen if you don't play.

Get all the rules and details by opening up the 99.1 The Whale mobile app or the 99.1 The Whale website on the trending bar. Good luck. Now get listening to 99.1 The Whale for the next hourly code word!

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