Let's get this out in the open right now. I don't play chess. I have no idea how to play, and I don't think I ever will. Nothing against the game, it's just not something in my wheelhouse, whatever that means.

But, I did decide to check out that Netflix series that was released late last year - The Queen's Gambit.' I don't know what drew me in to check out the first episode. Maybe I was just looking for something to watch on the flat-screen during a time when winter was setting in, and there were not as many things that interest me once the camping season ends.

Well, the limited series hooked me in, and to be honest, is one the best series on television that I've ever seen. It wasn't just about chess, and that's a good thing because if it were, I'd probably not have gotten past the first episode.

The odd thing is, after watching 'The Queen's Gambit', I still didn't know any more about the game of chess than I did going into the series. After talking with some co-workers about the show, someone mentioned the different types of themed chess game pieces there are available aside from the normal-looking chess piece.

We started thinking about what the chess pieces might be with a Broome County theme. Here's are a few chess piece ideas we came up with that could be a part of a Broome County theme chess set.

Broome County Themed Chess Pieces

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