If you are like me, you enjoy weekends for many reasons, and one of them is because we can sleep in. No set time to get up, no alarm going off. That's heaven.

Now, if you've got kids, sleeping in may not be an option, but I don't, although I have dogs who are on a feeding schedule. The morning feed time is usually around 6:30 am, but I think they know when the weekend is here, so they cut me some slack. Smart dogs.

This weekend, I did something that's very rare. I got up at my usual weekday time on Sunday. Since I hadn't been out in a while to pick up groceries, I thought maybe it would be a good thing to get to the store early, before it gets busy.

You know how busy grocery stores can be on the weekend. So grudgingly, I got up, got ready and off to the store. Wow, what a good idea that was! Very few shoppers were in the store, so I could navigate the produce area without being run over by a cart or two, zipped up and down the aisles quickly, checked out, headed home, put away everything and guess what...went back to bed. What a great start to the weekend!

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