Spring cleaning, home improvements, college basketball, squirrels, sunshine, warm temperatures, holes in my roof, semi-annual clothes buying binge and World War 2. That was my weekend, packed into about 35 hours from Friday to Sunday, taking into account that I was sleeping the other hours of the weekend.

I don't pay much attention to college basketball during the regular season, other than checking up on the Syracuse Orange men's and women's teams. But when it comes to playoff season, I get really interested.

And this opening weekend proved to be very exciting from the upsets to the two Syracuse Orange men's wins and the Syracuse Orange women's opening round win. Congratulations to both teams, and here's hoping they will go far in their tournaments.

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When I wasn't watching college basketball, I had a number things going on. First, I had to figure out why I have been hearing what I believe are squirrels in my attic. I found the answer, when I took a look at where one of my gutters had fallen off a side of the house. It took the board it was attached to, leaving a few holes large enough for a squirrel to get into. A call went out to a friend to come and fix the problem. That's gonna cost me. Not happy at night listening to squirrels scratching on my ceiling.

I also tended to some early spring cleaning and tending to a few minor home improvements this weekend including reattaching siding that blew off during the last high wind storm. I decided to make my semi-annual trip to a store to buy some new clothes. I hate shopping for clothes, so when I do, I buy several things to be done with it for a while. What I didn't like, was currently you can't use changing rooms to see if what I plan to buy, will fit. Thank Covid for that. Well, a couple things didn't fit, so I had to go back and exchange a couple of things. I hate that.

I have always been interested in history, especially the history of wars. Recently, I came upon a documentary series on a streaming service about World War 2. I thought I knew a lot about the war, but quickly discovered how much I didn't know. I finished the 10 episode series this weekend, and came away with so much more appreciation for the men and women of the allied forces who fought for our freedom. So many gave their lives so we could live free.

And that was my weekend. How was yours?

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