Here's a Strange But True story I didn't have time for Thursday morning. While I was looking for stuff to talk about on the air yesterday, I found a story of A Wedding Crasher.

Now it's not like the movie where perverted guys crash weddings to pick up chicks. Even though that was a very funny movie, no, this was a dog who was just trying to get out of the rain.

A couple was getting married in Brazil a few weeks ago. They planned an outdoor wedding, but it rained, so they moved it inside. According to The Dodo, during the ceremony, a stray dog, who was covered in mud, walked into the ceremony to get out of the storm. Some of the guests at the wedding shooed the dog back outside. But a few minutes later, it returned and laid down on the bride's veil. Guest again were trying to get the dog to leave the ceremony when the bride told them not to worry about it, that the dog was fine. Long story short, after the wedding the couple search the neighborhood to find the dog. They found the dog and decided to adopt him.

That is an awesome story of A Wedding Crasher. See The Dodo website for the actual pictures.

[via The Dodo]

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