Last week I blogged about the Winter Olympics. I've been watching them for an hour or so every night. I still have yet to catch one of the Olympic hockey games, but I have seen the speed skating and the snowboarding. It's been pretty exciting. In that blog, I mentioned about going to Lake Placid, New York. That was the site of the 1932 and 1980 Winter Olympic Games. I remember watching the 1980 Winter Olympics on TV. I fell in love with the sport of hockey by watching the USA Men's Team thought out the tournament.

We've made the trip to the small Adirondack town twice. Both times we went on tours of the Olympic facilities. Below is a photo gallery of some of the sites. We've gone to the Olympic ice rinks on both trips. Both times, I got goosebumps walking around the Herb Brooks Arena.

When we first went there a couple of years ago, we bought the Olympic Passport. That gave us access to all of the Olympic sites, as well as a bobsled run down the track they used for the 1980 games. That was incredible. I look forward to going back and taking all the tours again. If you want a great vacation that is a short drive away I would highly recommend going to Lake Placid.

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