I didn't realize until last night that the Winter Olympics have started. I knew they were scheduled to start sometime in February, but I wasn't sure exactly when they started.

I like the Winter Olympics. My favorite events are hockey, bobsledding, luge, downhill skiing, and speed skating. Curling is pretty interesting as well. I think they look pretty silly sweeping ice as they slide the rock or whatever it's called, down the ice, but it's still entertaining.

I also like the Olympics because I am a proud American, and I love to watch our amateur athletes become world champions. I don't watch all the events, but I try to watch a lot of them. And I try and keep up with the medal count as the days go by.

My wife and I have taken a few trips to Lake Placid, New York. That was the site of the 1932 and 1980 Winter Games. Both times, we have taken tours of the different Olympic facilities. We even road a bobsled down the actual track that was used in the 1980 Olympics. It's a cool place to spend a couple of days and it's only a three and a half to four-hour drive from Binghamton.

I'll have to find the pictures from our trips to Lake Placid and blog about that before the Olympics are done. In the meantime, Go U.S.A.!

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