The big news this week JJ Watt is now an Arizona Cardinal and will join a defensive line that includes UE graduate Chandler Jones.

It was announced on Monday that Texans Defensive end JJ Watt has found a new home at State Farm Stadium in Glendale Arizona, after a decision that shocked many sports fans and analysts.

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Watt’s decision could have been influenced by his former Texas teammate Johnathan Joseph, who said in a recent interview on SiriusXM Radio Pro Football Talk, that his conversation with JJ Watt indicated he had made up his mind about choosing to go to Arizona.

The idea of Watt teaming up with Union Endicott graduate Chandler Jones would create a dominant pass rush on the defensive.

Yesterday Watt and Jones met briefly yesterday and both were excited about the chemistry that will create in the upcoming season.

Chandler Jones went on to play for Syracuse after graduating from UE in 2007, and was drafted by the New England Patriots until 2016 when he was traded to the Arizona Cardinals.

The three-time pro bowler suffered a seasoned ending injury in 2020 and should be ready for the 2021-22 season along side one of the best defensive ends in the league JJ Watt.

I’m sure many football fans in the southern tier will be watching these two and rooting for their success.

Watt will wear the same number he did in Houston 99 after getting permission from the daughter of the late Cardinal Full back Marshall Goldberg who wore that retired number.

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