If National Lampoon ever does a Christmas Vacation 2, I could see this being the scene where Clark Griswold drags the tree to his house.

Chris and I went and got our tree a week and a half ago and I put it inside my SUV. I'm sure I will be vacuuming pine needles out of my car well into the spring.

But what do you do when the tree you need to deliver is bigger than your car? Well, you can rent a truck and put it in the back, or just do what this person did in Standish, Maine.

I'm sure it is not legal and I'm sure the tree had some major bare spots by the time they got it to its destination. Watch the video of a person dragging a huge Christmas tree down RT. 25. The tree pretty much took up the whole lane.

I once had a Christmas tree blow off the top of my brother-in-law's truck after borrowing it to go get our family tree many years ago. I was literally around the corner from my house and heard this loud sound. When I looked in the rearview mirror, I saw the tree rolling down the street behind the truck.

And, a couple of years ago, when I had to take my tree to Grippen Park in Endicott to be recycled, I may or may not have tied it to the back of my Honda and dragged it down the street to get it there.

I know you can order trees through Amazon and have them delivered to your house. That would probably be safer than what the person in the video did.

Chris Free Photo
Chris Free Photo

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