Well officially, I currently am not selling  anything. I've been living in the same tiny house for about 35 years. Do you know what that means?

Let me spell it out for you - C-L-U-T-T-E-R! For over three decades, I've been buying stuff, breaking stuff, shelving stuff, and all that stuff is filling up rooms, the cellar and sheds at my residence.

I even have a problem getting rid of boxes. I'm afraid I may need them to return an item. Stupid thinking on my part. There are quite a few items I own that never get any use and could probably get good use by someone else. I might get a few bucks off the stuff I own. You know, that 'gently used' kind of stuff that just sits around the house.

A lot of my inactive items tend to be of the electronic nature. More specifically, mobile DJ stuff. Control boards, DVD and CD players, speakers, and lights that are no longer a part of my setup. Not sure I could get much money out of it all, but you never know.

Now, if you have a bunch of stuff that you no longer need, but could benefit someone else, why not sell some or all of it at our Garage and Craft Sale this Saturday?

It's inside the Oakdale Mall in Johnson City, so the weather will be no issue. Time is definitely running out, so get the info by clicking in the blue button below,

Even if you aren't a vendor, come to the Oakdale Mall from 10am to 2pm and who know, maybe you will see someone else's stuff that you may want to buy!

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