Isn't that the saying? "Don't like the weather in the Southern Tier? Wait a day and it will change." Point well taken this weekend.

After last Winter and a very warm Summer, we've had it quite good, weather-wise. The Winter of 2015-2016 brought us very little snow and not really cold temperatures for an an extended period of time.

Spring and Summer bestowed on us, many hot and sunny days. Most weekends were perfect without rain. I'm not going to debate whether it's a 'global warming' thing or not, but I logged a lot of outdoor time this past Spring, Summer and early Fall.

This past weekend, it was unbelievable that we were enjoying temperatures flirting with 70 degrees. As we were waiting for the Binghamton Holiday Parade to kick off, I commented to one of my co-workers, that this must be what it feels like around Christmas Time in Florida. He agreed, having spent a few Winters in Florida.

On Saturday, there were people lining the parade route in t-shirts and shorts. Odd feeling, given this was a Holiday parade. Well, one day later it changed. I had heard we might get a dusting to 3 inches, depending where you live.

I did not expect a foot or more of snow, and this early in the season. It started in the midday and just continued to fall through the afternoon, evening, overnight and into Monday. I shoveled snow twice Sunday, but when I woke up Monday morning, you would not have even known I'd done any shoveling.

Is this the exception to this upcoming Winter? For me, I hope so. For those of you who love to play in the snow with snowmobiles, ski, snowboards, etc, maybe this will be your year.

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