Like I said yesterday when it comes to Halloween at our house, we go all out. Over the years we've been collecting a couple new artifacts every year. This year is no different. This year we added a dinosaur egg that growls and snaps at you when the motion activation is triggered. We have a skeleton that lights up and talks when you walk by. We also have the Executioner whose eyes light up. He holds an ax and he is also motion activated and says things like The First Cut is the Deepest and then starts laughing. We use fishing wire in our yard to make a skeleton ghosts appear to fly through midair. We have scary music blasting from a stereo inside the house. Every year my wife and I dress up and sit out in the yard to greet the trick-or-treaters. Some of them are so scared their parents have to pull them up to us. Sometimes kids will cross the street to avoid our house.

It's all in fun and I hope when they grow up they look back and think of our house as one of the coolest places to stop at on Halloween. If they are brave enough to come to our house on Halloween we reward them handsomely by giving them a bag full of candy. There are 10 different treats inside each bag ranging from lollipops and Skittles to candy bars and Nerds. I'm not sure who has more fun on Halloween the kids trick-or-treating or my wife and me scaring the kids.

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