We live in a world of constant stimulation with very little solitude. The biggest culprit? That little rectangular device we carry with us every waking hour of the day.  

We use our cell phones to communicate with the entire world from most every location we find ourselves. We're obsessed with having it in our possession. We go into a panic mode if we misplace it, or leave it sitting on the counter when we leave the house. What have we become?

Technology is great and I think most of us would agree that the internet is probably the biggest invention of our life time to date. The irony is although our smart phones allow us constant communication, they can also stifle the ones closest to us.

I read an article somewhere that said, Americans concentrate on text messages, emails, Facebook posts and actual calls, that often our family gets shut out in the process.

Why not turn off the phones and computers for a while, and make our loved ones feel like they're the most important part of our life? When was the last time you had a romantic evening? Perhaps it's time to shut off all electronic devices, and yes, that includes the boob tube too.

Text messages do not carry human emotional tones, and are often misinterpreted. So another suggestion would be instead of sending that text message, call the person or better yet if possible, go to where they are and talk face to face.

Many of us check our work emails several times during off work hours, and I think we can all cut down on that in order to give loved ones our undivided attention.

Technology is a great thing, but I also think we need time away from it to communicate in the most natural way.

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