Okay if you had to choose one feature on your cell phone would it be the ability to call someone or to text someone? The  PR Newswire just printed the results of a new survey of people under the age of 40, that says that the majority of people would keep their messaging app. 73% picked texting over calling.

Even though I am not under 40, I understand where they are coming from. How many times does your phone start ringing or buzzing, you look at it, see who it is, and think to yourself 'I am never going to get off the phone with this person if I answer it'?. So you let it go through to voicemail. If they leave a voicemail you might listen to it and decide whether to call them or text them back. Then there are times where while they're leaving a voicemail, you text message them asking; 'did you call me'?

Maybe it's just us being lazy, or maybe just us being selfish, but most of the time I would rather text somebody then call them. How about you?

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