A bunch of us were at my house watching football on Sunday. It was during the later games that we began talking about some of the Strange But True stories that I used during last week.

Chris brought one up from a couple of months ago because it is just going viral now. It was when the criminal passed gas and the cops heard him and that's how they discovered his hiding place.

Then we started talking about the Strange But True stories with gender reveals. There was the one about the plane crash last week, the one about how they accidentally made a pipe bomb and it exploded killing one of the people that were at the gender reveal party.

Then my friend Mike brought up one that he found online where a woman insert it a colored powder into her anus so she could pass gas and reveal the gender of their child. So we started having fun with that and someone encouraged Mike to try it. He would not accept the challenge but it led to a string of text messages.

I have a bitmoji of myself. For those who don't know what a bitmoji is, it's like a cartoon character of me. One of the choices shows my character with green dust coming out of his behind while he is jumping in the air. So it's like the green dust is propelling him off the ground. I sent a group text to everyone in the room, or at least I thought I did, with that bitmoji saying “here's our gender reveal, we are having an alien”.

Credit: Bitmoji
Credit: Bitmoji

I hit send and listen to everybody's phones go off at approximately the same time. Everybody was reaching for their phones and they all started cracking up laughing. There's another bitmoji that has the character with a rainbow cloud coming out of his butt. I sent that to the group and said “we are having a rainbow colored child”.

Well all seven people at my house started sending silly gifs  and videos to the group. After about four group messages, my friend Lisa said, “hey, whose phone number is...” and she rattled off a number. I looked at it and said I thought it was your husband's number. She informed me that I was wrong.

So I went back to the original group text and went through the list of names. Instead of sending the text to Doug Jones, who was at my house, I sent it to Doug Mosher who works with me here at the Whale.

Now I had had a couple of whiskey and ginger doubles, like four or five, and every one was accusing me of drunk texting. Truth is, I just chose the wrong Doug. We were all cracking up laughing so hard that I almost passed out from lack of oxygen.

I sent a separate text to Doug Mosher to explain to him what had happened. I could just imagine him sitting on his couch watching the game and his phone just starts blowing up with all these bitmojis, gifs, and videos, with most of them coming from people that he doesn't even know. He said he got a good laugh out of them and he didn't mind.

I'm just glad I sent it to him and not someone lacking a scene of humor.

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