When deciding whether to call someone or just text them, most of the time I will just text them. It's not that I don't like talking to people, I just think it's less intrusive and more convenient to just text. It's usually much quicker and you don't end up talking on the phone for a long period of time.When you call someone you're not sure if you are disturbing them or not, whereby texting, they can look at the phone and decide whether to text you back immediately, text you back later, or even call you back at that point.

But be careful when you are texting. According to Buzzfeed, there are things that people do while texting that make other people crazy. Texting on a date finished first on the list with almost all the people saying it's a rude thing to do. Texting during a movie finished second and I totally agree with that. One of the things that made the list was texting long paragraphs. That finished at number 10 with only 7% saying it's rude. But I'm guilty of that. A lot of times I will push the talk-to-text feature and just Ramble on and on. Check out the full list of rude things you can do when you text on the Buzzfeed website.

[via Buzzfeed]

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