We all know that drinking and driving can result in death and the same thing can be said about texting and driving

46 states, including New York and Pennsylvania, currently have laws prohibiting texting while driving and some kind of restriction or ban on hand held devices

These laws were put into place to prevent accidents and save lives. So, if you think it's no big deal, just take a look at the drivers that pass you on the road.
I see people blatantly talking on their phones everyday, and looking down at what I have to assume is a screen of some kind. I've sat at red lights many times and had to beep at the driver in front of me, because they're texting or preoccupied with something.

A recent survey showed 28% of polled drivers admitted to sending or reading a text message while driving, that's almost one third of all drivers.

Statistics also say 5 seconds is the average your eyes are off the road while texting. Many states even have designated 'Text Stops'.

This is a serious problem and not only causes injury and death, but it will ultimately raise our insurance premiums too.

I think about what is around me as I drive home from work each day, and all the distracted drivers in my path, it makes you think.

Be an advocate for texting and driving prevention! Most of us do refrain, but we need to remind everyone of the dangers of using handheld devices and texting while behind the wheel.
Check out a few videos below.

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