During one of our cooler conversations at the office (OK, around the beer keg) the topic of gong to the movies came up. I love heading to the theater, and am one of those people who can enjoy most flicks that come out on the big screen.

Some of those that are 'check your brain at the door' are just the ticket to get away from the stress and hectic part of your life, at least for a couple of hours. I'm a big fan of movies, but don't get to the movie theaters enough as I'd like, unfortunately.

I did get to see the latest Star Wars movie, and glad I did, since that's one type of movie you need to see on the big screen. Anyway, someone brought up a few annoying things that happen at the movie theater - people talking, kids behind you kicking your seat because they are bored, and those with cell phones who feel it necessary to check it every five minutes, or even worse - texting.

Apparently, one movie theater chain had been toying with the idea of allowing texting at their theaters.Their rationale was that it's a big inconvenience to the younger generation to not be able to look at their phone or text while at the movie theater. Really?

While I don't disagree with them that it is probably tough for some people, including young, middle age and older, to put down that phone, there's a thing called respect. Respect for those around you who are there to enjoy the movie they paid for, not be distracted constantly with the light from cell phones popping up throughout the theater.

But from what we have heard, this theater chain listened, and heard a loud cry not to allow texting. Good. Now, if they want to designate one of the theaters for allowing texting, I'd agree with that as a good compromise, but I imagine it would not be a good idea financially. Shut off the phone, escape reality, and enjoy the movie. Life is too short.

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