I don't know why I just thought of this. Maybe it's because I'm trying to think of something to write about, and I have writer's block. Maybe that's why I'm a radio personality, and not a writer. Or maybe it's because I have a confession to make.

At any rate, Before I came up with this riveting topic, I was drowning my hashbrowns in ketchup during breakfast at a local diner, and a friend who was with me, was aghast at what I was doing. His reaction was something like, "Would you like some hashbrowns with your ketchup?"

I love ketchup. Yes, I cover many different variation of potatoes with ketchup, except baked potatoes. Butter and sour cream go well with that. I have even dabbed a bit of the red stuff on scrambled eggs. Some like it that way and others think it's the worst thing you can do to eggs.

And while we are on the topic of ketchup, I will almost completely cover meatloaf with it. Even it it's already had a thin layer spread across the top. Oh, it tastes so good. Meatloaf without ketchup is just a plain, huge hamburger.

Some say it's just wrong to put ketchup on hot dogs. Only mustard is acceptable. Well, I do like mustard on hot dogs, but prefer ketchup, unless it's a chili dog. For that, a dab of mustard is good.

Lastly, why is the word spelled more than one way? You know -  ketchup, catsup and ketsup. I like to pronounce it "cat soup." So there you go. My ketchup confession. And no, I don't pour it on ice cream.

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